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Poor spear bashing (legions)

Look for legions with str 17 or lower and make a list
Lists are also provided by me (see below) or by Eireix (THX!):
Eireix' bashlist
Arm only one villager, typically the elder, with a poor spear, no shield, no feeding.
Bash the legions from the list at least once. When your poor spear breaks, equip a new one.
Bash only with one villager.
Have several poor spears ready. Don't fear losing or spear breaking.
Goal: Get resistance points, guild points, sandals, potions, ... , save food: food is only required to get the villager back up to 100% after poor spear bashing.
Preferably combined with patrol bashing.

Very effective when played with other Gauls.
Known poor spear bashers:
Himmelfix, Balloina, 7458, Katrinas, Beerdorp, TheGreatGoal, Zentorix, gallius1xxl, Eireix, Osdorpix, Keytenix, Marikia, Bernix, Ettetix, Sowatnix

Eireix' link to the actual list. (THX! :)

Actual bashing list (8.8.2016):
igor723 , joka442 , pup1234 , tourta , duball , tuyet , bitonto81 , kamilwitek , gthh , kornelyijus
gizmo123 , 59513 , marquinhos , dawidowska , uizt , artud , luxor1975 , rokos , mehmeterol , 8244 , cirox

Direct bashdown:
caligastone , leaftown , jamalzi , qwqwqwqwq , damamu , melana , myvilage , sussi , lyam2010 , 12345693
zeesun , kurtssted , village_2357338 , village_2714960 , village_1665991 , plania , village_2700789 , erman223 , rgys , troublemaker
superj , homerland16 , byreis , fgjhn , myryx , ahyy , joevisi , vcssafhjur , vida906

No legion:
abac , igora , seaworth , pedrorita , terpni , deaxner , kimvb , part955 , viskis , berka7y, (tourta, kwijtland, idgitville, dadolino, hulofix)
123gal , rtry , jbjb , village_1968269 , 123234456 , cory06 , jayakumeren , villages12 , zafer , backport , ludomenkapi

Level too high atm:
jhmjkhj , dimo , danica , 111111111 , gftfygrj , chutikuku

Patrol bashing

Arm 2 villagers with poor spears. No feeding during patrol bashing to save food.
Bash higher str patrols first. Only str 35 patrols may require food or bashing with more villagers.
Have a few poor spears reserve. All patrols str 15 and str 25 can be bashed down with poor spears.
Goal: save food. Remove blocking patrols.
(Can be combined with Poor spear bashing (legions).

A food-saving strategy is to bash only the lower level patrols with the elder and whip (naughty elder strategy :) ).
A poor sword is also possible. Strength 15 patrols can be bashed down without feeding.
But also here it's better to bash higher patrols first if necessary.
Thus the elder armed with a whip (or poor sword) can bash down at least 1 str 25 patrol and several str 15 patrols.

Single mining

Quarry, Lumber hut, Ore vein and Egyptian pier should be harvested step by step for effectivity.
That means from (16/16) to (15/16) to (14/16) ... (1/16) and (0/16) (for the example of the Egyptian pier with maximum 16 stones).
Every resource building has a different manner to do so.

Quarry: Bring the amount of stones to maximum - 1, e. g. Stones(59/60), Quarry(12/12)
Then harvest the quarry: Stones(60/60), Quarry(11/12)
Then craft a stone block: Stones(58/60), Quarry(11/12)
Then hack a stone: Stones(59/60), Quarry(11/12)
Then harvest the quarry: Stones(60/60), Quarry(10/12)
When the quarry is on (1/12), just craft a stone block and harvest. No stone hacking needed.

When your Stonemason is upgraded, an occasional stone, or even 2, may bounce out.
Then you don't have to hack a stone, saving you food.

A day in Asterix & Friends with Himmelfix

to be continued...

See also Osdorpix' Asterix & Friends pages: e. g. Level quests And Asterix & Friends Wikia and the Forum.

Possible bash legions, scratch, ...

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