Bashing away all patrols after legion impact:

    Legion is arriving. New tea party! Coffee, snacks and music ready.
    Legion arrived.
    If your villagers are full or close, feed them and bash a legion.
    Enjoy the view of the village full of patrols
    A very effective way to remove all patrols is the 4 poor sword strategy.
    Give a poor sword to 4 villagers. The other 2 villagers can recover already.
    Alternately 4 whips work too.
    With 4 poor swords you can attack any patrol even if their strength is down to 3.
    And one hit with 4 villagers deducts 6 points from the patrol
    Begin with the str 35 patrols. Bash each of them twice.
    Now all patrols are str 25 or below.
    Already now you could switch to bashing with 2 villagers and 2 poor spears, because any patrol
    with str 25 can be attacked with 2 villagers with poor spears.
    That needs a huge lot of poor spears though.
    My swords broke. I go on with 4 whips to speed up bashdown and to save poor spears.
    A full str 25 patrol attacked with 4 poor swords or whips is even bashed away with 22% robability.
    If your food is full you can feed one of the villagers who is not needed for patrol bashing.
    Staying with 4 swords is faster though and gives higher probabilities.
    Hunt boars and fish as soon as the fishing ground or boar region is bashed free.
    Usually after 12 or 16 swords/whips, most patrols are gone or below str 15.
    Switching to 2 poor spears. Democratix gets food.  :)
    I am feeding the fishmonger too. 4 villagers on full. Enough to attack a smaller legion.
    a bytheway-bash to keep the villagers recovering.
    Back to bashing with 2 poor spears. A former str 35 patrol even remained with str 11.
    The "collect 2 strawberries" quest solves itself since the patrols drop tons of sandals, scraps and some strawberries.
    After 1 hour bashing, fishing, hunting and writing this doc the last patrol goes.
    Leaving me some tea too!  :)
    It took me 8 poor swords, 4 whips and 10 to 20 poor spears.
    A new legion arrived. But because I was resistance level 0 it's a small one.
    The remaining poor spears are used by me for poor spear bashing.
    During the poor spear bashing I advance to resistance level 2  :)
    The village is back to its amazing, surrounding green now.

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