Single Mining

Single mining provides more resources.
Quarry: The quarry provides coal, gold ore, salt and iron ore.
Here's how to singlemine the quarry: When starting, your stone storage should be on maximum minus one: When harvesting the quarry now, the quarry will only go to 11/12, not to 0/12. This is important. You can harvest 12 times instead of only once, getting much more resources. Now your stone storage is on maximum. We need to get it back to maximum minus one again. If you craft a stone block, it will be on maximum minus two. Now hack a stone. The stone storage will be back to maximum minus one. Now you can harvest again bringing your mine to 10/12: Now repeat the procedure stepwise until the quarry is on 0/12. Each harvest gives at least 5 resistance points and occasionally coal, gold ore, salt or iron ore. Always keep your stone storage close to maximum during the game. Lumber Hut: Like for the quarry, start with wood storage on maximum minus one, Lumber Hut on 12/12: Harvest the lumber hut. Wood storage is on maximum, Lumber Hut on 11/12: Now craft a wooden plank. Storage goes to maximum minus two. Hack a tree once. Your wood storage is back to maximum minus one. Harvest the lumber hut going from 11/12 to 10/12. Repeat stepwise.

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